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whoaa. two weeks.

so, this kid ryan at work, is amazing.
he likes me and vise versa, but we're not telling eachother that. lol.

my grandma is dying fast now. she sounds really weak on the phone, i feel bad that i cant go. as soon as my check clears, i'm leaving for georgia i think. so yay for flying?

Sep. 21st, 2007

First day of work..
went okay.

i kindof flooded the milkshake machine.


i have a diseaseee!!!

Acid Reflux.

not fun.

alright i gotta go because

1. i have to get ready for work

lets party.
my nap was good.
la la la la.
la la la la la la.
happyy day.

im outt

Aug. 6th, 2007


considering getting either my tragus or cartalidge pierced.

any opinions?

gotta finish that summer paper. =/
ahhh. im a fucker.
I looked up the league of American Poets...
and a few reports of being scammed.
i looked up the senior editor...
instead of living in baltimore MD.
shes living in Tenesse.
I mapquested the address....
doesnt exist.
I called the number...
answering machine like from a house saying tht they will get back to me asap.
emailed the order company....
didnt even get an automatic response.
Hmmm. what does that say?
and dad yesterday said to go into writing instead of law.
investigation is for me bitccchess.

This So-Called Democracy

Oh, this so-called democracy,

Leading the people of this corrupt country,
But what really, can the rest of us say and not see?
The government is lying everday,
And with a raging war, we citizens have no say.
Our mothers and brothers and fathers and daughters are dying.
While the rest of us worry... all day.
How can one man decide all of our futures?
He has not a worry.
Does he know what it's like?
To worry non-stop,
To be scared to answer the phone,
To be scared to answer the door?
Wondering everyday...
My dearest brother,
Are you okay?
Are you feeling well?
I wish you were here.
To make our days once again happy,
To make mom stop crying,
The Anxiety,
The Loneliness.
The frightful tears rolling down our cheeks.
Make mom and dad stop being sad.
Please make them stop.
Come home now.
If only our government would make it allowed...
Please, just come home.
This eerie vibe in our house,
It's as if you are already gone.
And Mr. Bush,
What are you doing today?
Out for lunch?

A nap in the Oval Office?

Or quality time with your family?
Can you tell me why?
We're in Iraq,
No wapons of mass destruction found,
But it's all good,
Because your family is safe and sound.
This Is what our country never sees.
It's all part of our dilapidated democracy.
Mr. Bush, I have one last thing to say,
Hope to die but cross your heart first.
I need you to guarantee that my brother will be safe and okay for the rest of my days,
Because each unwarranted day is when I fear for the worst.

i just got jumped.
by my
LITTLE brother.
so i bit him. and shoved snow down his shirt. =D

Feb. 23rd, 2007

wow, i didnt update for a while.
nothing new to really report,
im just craving coffee right now.
and some fins.

Jan. 28th, 2007

I have realized that I have officially gotten to the point where these people are like family.
I think I may be going nuts.

♥ x 3165465465496498549874

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chris's voice sooths me for some reason. lol